Every great and successful program starts with the quality of staff that are hired. Every year we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic and highly motivated young people to serve as camp counselors.


BAR-V-NOK is looking for warm, nurturing, empathetic people with a strong connection to their faith who will contribute to the sense of community and well-being of our approximately 85 - 100 campers;  ages 7 to 15. Over the years we have had some fantastic individuals serve in this capacity and they are a testament to so many of our campers wanting to return year after year. We invite you to become part of this long tradition and apply for a position at Camp BAR-V-NOK 2017.


The position runs for the 2 weeks of camp with the occasional planning meetings leading up to our August 7th date. Staff will be paid an honorarium at the end of the 2 week session to reflect the work and commitment they have made to our camp and the campers.



What is required to apply for Camp 2017

  • 16 years of age or older
  • resume emailed to campbarvnok@gmail.com
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • attend an interview if invited to do so
  • attend any training sessions that may be required
  • exhibit the following characteristic: leadership skills, responsibility, patients, dependability, responsibility, mature, integrity, ability to work independently, and display a positive attitude.